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February 1988


Editorial Comment

The Challenge of Mobilization


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Prayer Digest Spots a Credit
I want to thank you for sending us the Christmas Panorama programs. Your organization is a credit to Christian broadcasting. We air your Prayer Digest each day. The information is good for our listeners so they can get a better understanding of what is going on outside of our little world here in Muskegon. Thanks again.

Donna Disser

Public Service Director, WKJR 
Muskegon, MI

Frontier Missions Isn't Everything
We have, at times, felt from your publication that those who aren't involved in (reaching) unreached people groups are not really in the "true center" of God's will. Like, maybe all of us involved in disciple-ship should pull up stakes and go reach an unreached people and leave the discipleship entirely in the hands of the national church.

Maybe you could encourage all missionaries at limes in your magazine?

Terry Mattson 
Costa Rica

Ed: We actually believe that, by helping national churches get involved in missions, missionaries in well-established fields can contribute more to the cause than those who arein "frontier" fields. If you' re encouraging Costa Ricans to fulfill God's purpose for the nations, we applaud your efforts.

Vancouver Info inaccurate
In your November, 1987, issue (page 18), you make brief reference to the work among the East Indian immigrants in Vancouver, Canada, staling that the "only outreach to Sikhs in the entire province is being carried on in Vancouver by a missionary team just now learning the Punjabi language!"

Obviously, the researcher (?) has not done a good job. Work among the East Indians of Vancouver, including the Sikhs, has been going on for quite some time. My denomination, Mennonite Brethren, has an East Indian church in Vancouver of about 25 members. The work has been going for about ten years.

Besides that, the South Abbotsford Mennonite Brethren church has had an associate pastor on staff for the last seven years whose job description relates exclusively to work with the Sikhs and other East Indians of the community. The pastor has regular services, Bible studies, and radio programs in Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu.

If, as your article states, there is a missionary team just now learning the Punjabi language, then that reflects on the agency represented by that team. There are many East Indian Christians in the lower mainland of B.C., and ministries among these people are going, albeit slowly.

H.C. Born Mission, 

Don't Predict Christ's Return
After reading your article on COMIBAM (MF, January 1988), it seems to me you are saying our goal is to bring the Word of God to every people group by the year 2000. All evidence looks like this is possible and within God's plan. But how does this compare with the Bible's teaching about no man knowing what hour the Lord will come again? You seem to be assuming you've "latched onto" God's plan and time to reach all people. Perhaps this is a case of "right cause for the wrong reason"? You may mislead many by giving the strong impression that your purpose is "year 2000" rather than the more important (whatever year) goal of reaching people with the truth because Jesus told us to do so. Surely COMIBAM was a reminder that God is able to do amazingly great things in His own way.

Leslie Alien 

Ed: Our concern is not to predict Jesus' return, only to avoid being like the virgins who, through unbelief, were not ready for His return. We appreciate your admonition.

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