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August 1987


Editorial Comment

What a Swirl of Events This Past Month!

Toward the Year 2000

Denominations Play Crucial Role in Making "Disciples of Nations"

A Latin America Mission Movement

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What a swirl of events this past month! The world's largest meeting on World Evangelization, the first black national conference on mission in the USA, the choice ACMC conferences...

by Ralph D. Winter

and now DAWN, the "best approach to world evangelization yet developed."

In 26 nations of the world, national level strategy is being laid to reach out to every group and every person in that country. This is the only way it is ever going to be done! Some of these plans are well along, with thousands of new churches already resulting.

Here is unquestionably one of the most beautiful illustrations of collaboration between Western and Non-Western nations that has ever existed.

How can we say this? What about the great Evangelism in Depth movement 20 years ago?

What about the masterful maps and charts produced back in the Student Volunteer days, when across the board collaboration between missions was commonplace?

ANSWER: Those were examples of collaboration between Western mission agencies.

DAWN takes fully into account the burgeoning existence of the "national churches." They are the ones in charge, in fact. DAWN comes out of Overseas Crusades, which has for years worked within the national churches, rather than planting its own national church. (There is room for both types of missions!).

DAWN employs the latest and the best strategies of church growth dynamics and unreached peoples perspective.

DAWN is as new as the new factors and possibilities it is harvesting. It has come to the Kingdom for such a time as this.

Alas, toooo many things are happening at once. Next issue we'll tell you more than page 17 can capture from an interview of Cliff Holland, who along with others runs a network of training programs in missions for Latin American national leaders. Very significant.

Caleb is on the move again, but requires a few more lucky folks who can be free to help them man their massive outreach to college campuses -nothing like it for 100 years (see pages 18 and 19.

You can read about the astounding New Orleans meeting - representing Year 2000 vision but with the organizational apparatus serving the charismatic movement woefully deficient, or the two ACMC conferences, where the apparatus is in place, but perhaps where the vision of the average person attending is lagging. Or, .see the third conference, Destiny '87, also on page 16 was an absolutely unique event in American history! More about all of these conferences in the next issue.

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