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July 1987


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The Editorial of Ralph D. Winter
Founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission

winter.JPG (5355 bytes)Dear friends,

Rejoice with us! By the grace of God and the generosity of those who are backing our "Last $1000 Campaign," we paid our July 1st payment in full on time. At this point, then, we have no further obligations until we come to our nearly $8 balloon payment due October 1st.

Can you believe? We don't need money. At this point we're not even asking for money. We need votes. Two thousand votes have come in. We need 6,000 more, quickly. We need 500 meetings per week out across this country during a six-week period in order to get these final votes.

Only if we get 8,000 votes by October 1st (or soon after) will we need any money. Only at that point will we go back to those who have voted for us and tell them it is time to scrounge around somehow to get up $1,000 as soon as possible.

Do you dare to be one of the 6,000 votes we need? If so, just write us or phone us and say yes. Send no money. We'll send you a weekly letter reporting the countdown of votes. We'll send you a copy of the videotape which you can use in your own home or someone else's to share the vision with others on our mailing list.

Let's take a deep breath. We have just enough weeks to go to organize and launch this final countdown. In most states there are only 5 or 10 home meetings per week that are necessary. (Look up your state on p. 20.)

God is the one in charge. We can't change the hearts of people. I don't think He expects us to try. What we can do is expose people to the challenge —curiously, winsomely, without pressure. We don't have time to bring people up from scratch. We need to reach out to the 65,000 people who have followed us for years. With the help of local committees in every region overflowing with good will—people whom Roberta and I have met on this trip, we believe this is eminently feasible to do. That is, it is eminently feasible for us to do our part and to trust God for His.

Put your check book away. Start praying for this campaign every day. Do what you can. This is our last campaign. There's no way we can get halfway, pay back the money, cancel the pledges and turn to some other alternative. It is now or never.

Do you know something? I think the miracle has already occurred. Two thousand people spontaneously stepping forward with an average of $1,000 is a true miracle, isn't it? With that base, it looks to me like we're pretty close.

Pray for us. Work with us. Do what you can. And God bless you.

Most cordially,

Ralph D. Winter, General Director

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