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June 1987


Editorial Comment

"The New Thing" and the Old Thing

Summer-Fall, 1986 - "I Will Do A New Thing"

Ralph Winter and the Year 2000

God's Purpose in World History

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The Editorial of Ralph D. Winter
Founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission

winter.JPG (5355 bytes)Dear friends,

May I ask you a question? Is your name on the back cover of this bulletin? If it is, do you know how it got there? Do you realize that we have never knowingly sent anything to anyone who did not write to us first - either write or phone or order something we had? All of you who get Mission Frontiers should be in that category!

Now, has there been some mistake? Please let us know if this bulletin is not wanted. We realize that not everyone, not even every Christian, will have place or space in their lives for the particular burden of this periodical, and we do not want to throw away unnecessary funds by sending it to those who will not find it of interest.

Intensely interesting to many readers, certainly, is the collision this past month of two major, century-long developments. 'Our cover stories highlight two different individuals. Philip Potter has been until recently the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches. His recent summary of the past 75 years is here compared to a very different perspective, which is the perspective of Mission Frontiers and the very backbone of my wife's book. The two views do not so much conflict as diverge, and I see almost no hope of convergence.

My wife and I each, in the middle of 1986, unexpectedly came to the same point of view about the meaning of "I Will Do A New Thing." That New Thing speaks of an almost entirely different world than the one surveyed by Dr. Potter. A key chapter from my wife's book begins on page 5.

I pray that this New Thing can begin to haunt and dazzle you as it does us. Most Cordially,

Ralph D. Winter, General Director

P.S. I have bad news and good news: our last quarterly payment before the $8 million balloon October 1st, comes up July 1st. This final quarterly payment is $300,000, and at this point, 22 days away, we are short more than half of that. But, on the bright side, we are getting close now to 2000 wonderful people who have spontaneously said yes to our call for 8000 who will put up $1000 if we line up the. rest. We believe another 2000 from within the 65,000 who have been following our work will respond if only someone invites them to. Then, one last step of faith: those 4,000, huddled in 120 cities, can they somehow figure out how to claim one more person outside our constituency? Our new, professionally produced video is available to be shown in your living room. Roberta's new book is a potent insight into the countdown of history—see the back cover. We also have a new presentation booklet for the campaign. See the campaign pages. But if you feel led to help, don't forget this immediate payment.

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