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March 1987


Editorial Comment

Momentum is Building!

The Unfinished Task: A New Perspective

A Status Report

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The Editorial of Ralph D. Winter
Founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission

winter.JPG (5355 bytes)Dear Friends,

We have been thinking for months that it is not like it used to be, when sometimes we had the feeling we were talking to ourselves. Many people have always had their hearts tuned to the mighty works of God around the world, but most people don't.

But now many more than ever are "looking up"—they are eagerly pressing forward to see the final phase of human history enacted out perhaps in our days.

When such considerations are prominent, the matter of the paying off of our campus does not seem to be a very big goal—not unworthy, just not anywhere near as big as all these other things.

But our campaign goes on. With $1.3 million in gifts and pledges (all safely stowed away in case we have to give it all back instead of paying for the property), we are only looking at about $6.7 million remaining.

One pastor told me two weeks ago that his church would like to make a faith promise of $10,000 for October 1st, and knowing our even greater concern to reach out with new vision to as many as possible (through our $16.95 Founders plan), he said that he would like to get that money in from 667 people in his congregation and among friends of his people, and be able to give to us both the money we need and extend the vision we live for.

My wife's book is finally done. We had literally to wait, I believe, until the picture of the world situation became clear enough to describe it accurately. If all goes well it will be available by the next time I write this editorial. "I Will Do a New Thing"—how meaningful that book title has become in jtist the last year as so many things have started breaking out in so many places.

Meanwhile, ponder the section on pages 19-22 written by Art McCleary. He is the top manager in the Center and specifically the one who is working as the general manager of the "Last $1000" Campaign, with Alan Bergstedt as the Director.

Our cover theme in this issue, then, consists of part I of my review of the six documents displayed on our cover, Bob Waymire's summary of the different mission groups doing "countdown" research (pages 7-8), and finally a popular article which I was asked to write for the Navigators' Discipleship Journal (January 1987 issue, see pages 9-13).

Most of all, rejoice in the developing interest there is in the tough questions of how and when the work God has given to us will be completed. MOMENTUM IS BUILDING. Don't miss out!

Ralph D. Winter General Director

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