This is an article from the November-December 1994 issue: India

You can be a part of reaching India!

You can be a part of reaching India!

Here are some helpful suggestions...

  • Consider training as a language surveyor.Contact Wycliff Bible Translators (800) 388-1928 for information on language survey needs in South Asia.
  • Understand the complexity of missions in India. Begin by taking Perspectives on the World Christian Movement . Write to Perspectives, USCWM) o Educate yourself concerning ministry to Indians.
  • Consider training in communicating the gospel to Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims or Buddhist. Write to Summer Institutes, USCWM.
  • Write a People Profile on an unreached Indian group. For a list of needed people profiles write Adopt A People Clearinghouse, P.O. Box 17490, Colorado Springs, CO 80935.
  • Pray for unreached peoples. Subscribe to an Indian prayer digest listed on the following page or subscribe to the Global Prayer Digest, USCWM.
  • Stay informed. Write for a free subscription to the South Asian Mission Resource,USCWM. o Intern at the USCWM and serve in the Institute of Hindu Studies or India Center for Mission. Write to SWS Program, USCWM.
  • Be a People Group Advocate contact USCWM Adopt A People Campaign on how to adopt an Indian people group. Check off, clip and mail to USCWM, 1605 Elizabeth St, Pasadena CA 91104

Spotlighting Ministries Which Can Help You

INTERDEV P O Box 30945 •Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 775-8330 Interdev encourages a Partnership approach to evangelism and church planting among the world's large, unreached language groups. These initiatives are called Strategic Evangelism Partnerships. They typically link media, scripture translation, development, and tentmaker ministries in a voluntary, long-term effort.

INDIA MISSION ASSOCIATION 48, First Main Rd. • East Shenoy Nagar • Madras 600 030 INDIA This Indian organization is an umbrella agency for over 60 mission agencies in India. It is highly recommended that North American churches inexperienced with working in India contact this agency before entering into a partnership. They are also coordinating people group research and work with Serve A People, the India version of the Adopt A People concept. The U.S. contact for Serve A People is Dr. Gene Davis • 3095 S.W. Henry St • Beaverton OR 97005 YWAM

FRONTIER MISSION CENTER GPO Box 127 • Pune 411 001 INDIA An international base involved in long term church planting among unreached peoples. They also assist other Indian agencies in mobilization and critical research projects.

CONS INDIA 88 • 89 Medavakkam Tank Rd. • Kilpauk, Madras 600 010 INDIA A national, saturation church planting movement that has resulted in numerous organizations setting specific goals for church planting throughout India. CONS is India's own "Disciple a Whole Nation" (DAWN) movement.

INDIA CENTER FOR MISSION 1605 Elizabeth St • Pasadena CA 91104 (626) 398-2437 The goal of ICM is to develop a mission focus on reaching

the Hindu communities in India and overseas and to build up a mission force by equipping and mobilizing the Christians everywhere to reach the Hindu World as well as the followers of New Age in the Western World.

SOUTH ASIA CONCERN P O Box 43 Sutton • Surrey SM2 5WL • UK (fax) 081 770 9235 This agency wishes to promote Christ's kingdom through an example of love and strategies for developing leadership. They publish books, articles and train for cross- cultural partnership in mission and in business.

NACSAC 2146 Robinson St • Regina SK S4T 2P7 CANADA The North American Council for South Asian Christians is a newly formed group of South Asians. They plan to mobilize South Asian Christians in North America to evangelize the people of and from South Asia. Write NACSAC to receive THE SOUTH ASIAN, a news-cum-prayer letter of the movement. Resources

Mission Frontiers (Nov / Dec '94) Write to the U.S. Center for World Mission to order a bundle of 50 of the India issue of Mission Frontiers. Send $10.00 payable to USCWM.

Peoples Information Network You can give or take from this computer database containing information about people groups. Contact: PIN Administrator • SIL Strategic Inf. Office • 7500 W Camp Wisdom Rd. • Dallas TX 75236

Church Development The quarterly bulletin of the Council on National Service. CONS India at 88 • 89 Medavakkam Tank Rd. • Kilpauk, Madras 600 010 INDIA India Christian Handbook The most comprehensive survey of Christianity in India.--450 pages on denominations, churches, parachurch and Christian institutions. Includes drama, film, cassette, radio, literature ministries as well as publishers, book shops, libraries, schools, Christian ashrams, guest houses, leprosy centers, orphanages, mission agencies and much more. Available in early 1995 from MARC, (818) 303-8811.

Traci News & Review Collection of South Asian newspaper articles on religious happenings. A great source for current events. TRACI House • E-537 Greater Kailash II • New Delhi 110 048 INDIA

South Asian Mission Resource A bi-annual publication of South Asian resources and frontier mission information. South Asia Mission Resource • USCWM • 1605 Elizabeth St. • Pasadena CA 91104

Seer This extremely insightful magazine gives an insider's view about Indian missions, history, culture, etc. Nivedit Godd Books • Landour Mussorie • UP 248 179 INDIA

Mission Mandate 728 pages full of people-group information, ministries, and articles written by Indian mission leaders. Published '92, ed. Ezra Sargunam write: CGRC • P O Box 512 • Egmore, Madras 600 008

INDIA India Church History Review A quarterly journal. Dharmaran Book Center • Hosur Rd. • Bangalore 560 029

INDIA Indian Missions A quarterly magazine published by India Mission Association 48 First Main Rd. • East Shenoy Nagar • Madras 600 030

INDIA India Church Growth A bulletin of evangelism and church planting. Church Growth Research Center • P O Box 512 • Egmore, Madras 600 008

INDIA IEM Mission Outreach The monthly prayer digest of India Evangelical Mission • 7 Langford Rd. • Bangalore 560 025

INDIA Friends Focus The monthly prayer digest of Friends Missionary Prayer Band 2 Rathinasabapathi St. Purasaiwalkam Madras 600 007 India News Issued fortnightly by the Information service. Embassy of India • 2107 Massachusetts Ave • N.W. Washington DC 20008 USA

Institute of Hindu Studies 1605 Elizabeth Street, Pasadena CA 91104 E Write the Institute for a complete list of resources and prices

  • South Asia Mission Handbook This 1994 compilation of information includes: Indian leaders opinions on the role of Westerners, lists & locations of people groups, strategic maps, names and addresses of Indian mission agencies, how to adopt a people group, how to research an Indian people group, least evangelized groups, short term opportunities, partnership ideas and other ideas that will enable churches to participate in South Asia. Available December 1994.
  • A Closer Look at India 13 minute video -- Discover the complexity of India and how the Adopt-A-People concept is a feasible way to complete the Great Commission within India. o Donald McGavran This set of 2 video tapes, 2 hours each, presents Dr. McGavran teaching on India & Hinduism.
  • Hinduism--A Challenge In Missions An audio tape with Premkumar Dharmaraj and Dr. Ralph Winter explain why most of the people groups in India remain unreached.
  • Confusion Called Conversion Ebenezar Sunder Raj -- "If one was to read just one book about India and the impact of centuries of Christian influence, this book would have to be it." Ralph D.Winter
  • Death of a Guru or Escape into the Light Rabi Maharaj & David Hunt -- Rabi Maharaj was descended from a long line of Brahmin priests and gurus. He describes Hindu life, tracing his difficult search for meaning and his struggle to choose between Hinduism and Christ.
  • 1995 South Asia Prayer Calender


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