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With the Students

With the Students

Student Time Bomb

Anyone watching the signs of the times and trying to see things from God's point of view will have to rate very highly the sudden emergence of the jawbreaker NATIONAL STUDENT MISSIONS COALITION (NSMC). About the time you receive this, they will be meeting at the Billy Graham Center in Wheaton, IllinoisMay 24 26. Their executive met earlier, but this is the first major meeting since their origin less than 5 months ago in a 70student "consultation" just after the Urbana meeting. Could students you know want to attend this? Phone Cindy Smith 215/352 2003 for information. Also see feature story in March/April Mission Frontiers.

Now booming into view is a 606 page NSMC book, Rebuilding the Mission Movement This book contains the nine Task Force Reports from the January founding meeting, plus 250 pages of great student mission ideas, as well as a 300 page, brand new account of the rise and fall of the Student Volunteer movement¬the most powerful single contribution to the spread of the Gospel in human history. (A few copies may still be available at $8.00 postpaid. Circle the item on back cover)

The Billy Graham Center has taken note. The NSMC will soon establish offices both at the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena and at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College.

Other possible offices are Philadelphia, Boston and South Carolina. (Write for an NSMC brochure that challenges young people to a five fold commitment. Circle item on back cover.)

Theological Students for Frontier Missions (TSFM) will gather May, 28-31 for their second annual meeting, a crucial event two years after the Edinburgh conference where their nucleus first banded together. Pray for them, as some are struggling between going to the field or staying awhile to help others alsc get there. This meeting is at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. (For more information, contact Ward Shop; 398 Berkshire Valley Road, Wharton, NJ 67885.)

Students are greatly benefited by 87 key documents brought together in one 864 page book, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. The need for a foundational course on missions seems always to fall between the cracks of the existing courses in contemporary schools  history, psychology, English, theology, Bible, hermeneutics¬you name it! Mission minded students have had to scrounge in many directions. David Bryant's excellent introductory book, In the Gap is forced to refer to over 50 other documents. Students get bewildered. Now one book organizes the work of 70 different authors under one cover, with exciting results.

What happens when students study these materials In 1980, a group of students at Penn State studying this course were impressed with the need to be involved in reaching the unreached, as well as with their responsibility to share this vision with other students. The result was the formation of an accountability structure to help students capture and carry their vision and commitments to Christ's global cause to their fellow students. They developed "The Caleb Declaration" as a means of identifying and unifying students who are committed to obeying the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18 20.

Some of the campuses already involved in the Caleb Project are: Virginia Tech, Penn State, Kansas State, Ohio State, University of Minnesota, Indiana State, and Mississippi State. Altogether 21 are in some way involved.

For more information about how to get the Caleb Project moving on your campus, write to: The Caleb Project, 1605 Elizabeth Street, Pasadena, CA 91104 or call 213/794 1532.

U.S. EMBASSY VS. MISSIONS. Over a hundred mission minded Korean students are waiting desperately to hear whether the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, Korea will allow them to come to the US. Center for a month of special English studies and in

particular, mission studies. After a great deal of red tape the Korean government has agreed to let them go, but will the U.S. government let them come? AU of the special immigration and naturalization service forms have been filled out. Everything is simply waiting for red tape to be cut. Do pray that it can.

Students to the rescue When you want to get something new started, ask the students for help.

It isnt easy to start the Frontier Fellowship campaign. Its momentous goal to reach over half the world's population who are still pocketed in frontier groups, its most difficult point is its reliance upon the development of a new daily habit. For older people, that is forbiddingly difficult. For students it's not so bad.

At least 30 students are already involved in "Project Frontiers" at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

They are taking packets of information on the Frontier Fellowship campaign to area pastors, home church pastors, and other church contacts. So far 100 packets have been (or are being) personally shared with these pastors by the students. (Responses will go to the "GCTS 'Frontier Fellowship.") Their goal is to involve 100 churches in the Frontier Fellowship through this means. Alumni and alumni churches are also interested. Can you believe a hundred churches will generate half a million dollars per year for frontier missions and will harness the prayers of 5,000 people! At least three other schools are pursuing a similar plan.

LAST CHANCE to enroll in this summer's Institute of International Studies. Using the above book as a text, these two identical one month crash courses (June 14 July 16, and August 2 August 27) spark with inputs from a whole series of lectures from outstanding mission leaders, executives and scholars. The course is designed for people who want to know more about missions, whether or not they ever serve overseas. Here is an advance, partial list of professors:

  • John Bennett. MA, Executive director of the Association of Church Mission Committees (ACMC).David Bryant Missions specialist with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, author of in the Gap.
  • Ralph Coll. Ph.D., Academic Dean and professor of Missions at Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary, and missionary with the Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society.
  • Phil Elkins. MA. President of Missions Training and Resource Center, part of a missionary team to Zambia, Africa.
  • Donald McGavran, Ph.D., Founding Dean of the School of World Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary, missionary with United Christian Missionary Society for 30 years in India.
  • George Patterson. Ph.D., expert in church extension principles; missionary with Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society in Honduras,
  • Don Richardson. Director of the Institute of Tribal Studies at the U.S. Center for World Mission, author of Peace Child, and Eternity in Their Hearts: missionary with Regions Beyond Missionary Union in klan Jaya.
  • Ruth Siemens. Founder of Overseas Counseling Service, missionary with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) to students in Latin America.
  • Ralph Winter. Ph.D., Founder and Genera! Director of the U.S. Center for World Mission; missionary with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala.

Act soon! Contact the IIS office today if you want to get in on this tremendous opportunity to develop your world vision, and solidify your World Christian commitment! Call (213) 7974605, or return coupon on back of this issue of Mission Frontiers.


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