This is an article from the June 1982 issue: Cameron Townsend

With the Schools

With the Schools

Up to a  $1,000 000 Campus Plan is being considered in several schools. Students praying together on several campuses are seriously proposing to set in motion the forces that will produce up to $1,000,000 per year of new money for frontier missions.

Here's how it's done: Individual students pray specifically for their own home churches to become involved in the Frontier Fellowship daily devotional discipline. Since the loose change from 50 people in a local church amounts to $100 per person per year, $5,000 per year results from that size of a group.

Some churches are larger, some smaller, but 200 churches, averaging 50 participants enlisted in this kind of Evangelical March of Coins, will produce $1,000,000 per year. (It will also blow the minds of thousands and thousands of people. Very few people today look out across the world with the kind of faith and hope which is engendered by this innocent little Daily Prayer Guide.) Circle item on back cover if you are a student and would like a copy of the Campus Plan. Ask for a sample of the Prayer Guide as well.


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