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With the Frontier Fellowship

With the Frontier Fellowship

Please please please don't let our extravagant mailing go to waste. In April we mailed over 25,000 copies of the May Daily Prayer Guide. Last time we reported that it cost $6,528.78. I know, I know it is a terrible nuisance to try to develop a new habit and put this Daily Prayer Guide to use. It would be easier to simply read it straight through and be done with it. But the fascinating challenge is to allow the heart vision of God to invade your heart every single day. Don't miss out. Dig it out. It's the booklet that refers to Chariots of Fire and Eric Liddell. As of this writing (April 30) we have orders for over 5,000 additional booklets. A lot of people are well impressed and benefitting from it already. Here's a chance both to get a vision and to give a vision away by encouraging others in your church to use the same Daily Prayer Guide. You can't believe what an innocent little pile of these guides at the front entrance of your church will do for your congregation.

One advantage Southern California pastors and lay and student mission leaders have enjoyed over the past five years has been the presence of the U. S. Center for World Mission staff in their area.

Not only is it easier for them to get the latest materials and supplies for spreading frontier vision, but the Center staff is available for counsel and help in planning and presenting special programs designed to mobilize Christians for the cause of taking the good news of new life in Jesus Christ to the world's 2.4 billion people with no indigenous gospel witness.With the establishment of regional centers, this same quality of material, programs and personalized help is now available in several key areas across the country.

The most comprehensive of these centers is located in Mt. Joy (near Lancaster), PA. Rev. Nate Showalter, an experienced pastor and denominational and missions executive, directs the activity of three full time staff members in this Center. Located close to the major mission centers of Philadelphia and New York City, it serves the middle Atlantic states with materials and suggestions for mobilizing and educating local churches and student groups in missions. Mr. Fran Part and Mr. and Mrs.

Dave Delozier are available to meet with groups throughout the entire area. You may contact this regional center at Box 83, Mt. Joy, PA 17552.

Regional centers are also being developed in the western Washington area by Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Buck (1247 Toledo Street, Bellingham, WA 98226) and in eastern Washington by Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Toler (412 N. Dale Road, Moses Lake, WA 98837).

Other areas where regional centers are beginning to move into action are New Hampshire (New England), Ohio, Tennessee (Mid South), Oregon, Texas, Illinois (Great Lakes), Western Pennsylvania, Georgia (Southeast), and Mississippi (Deep South). If you are interested in contacting one of these centers, or if you would like to be involved in serving or even starting one, please contact Mr. Brad Cronbaugh, Regional Center Coordinator, USCWM, Box 9, Pasadena, CA 91104.

Calling United Methodists for Frontier Missions!

There is a growing interest among many people in forming a United Methodist Frontier Fellowship, to increase frontier mission vision, increase understanding of the task of world evangelization, and raise up new prayer support and funds for the frontiers.

If you have any interest in helping with such a project, contact Robby Butler at 213/798¬5663, or write him at: United Methodist Frontier Fellowship, 1605 Elizabeth Street, Pasadena, (A 91104. Cheaper than Drugs For only $.25 you can blow your mind on J. Edwin Off's little pamphlet, "The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakening." It is a printed transcript of the sound track of his filmed address at the Dallas Prayer Congress. Really, truly you will miss something very important if you don't get this. We cannot possibly reach out across the world to do what God wants to do today if we do not allow Him to revive us again with a mighty spiritual outpouring. (Circle item on back cover.,)

The Kingdom Strikes Back

Last issue we mentioned the six tapes at 40% discount ($14.95 instead of $24.95). We also explained that there is a one hour single tape called 'Missions  the Biblical Imperative" which to some extent covers the same ground. We now have available a 20 page booklet under the same title as the tapes. In it, Dr. Ralph D. Winter, after 15 years of study, reflection, and teaching, presents an exciting new perspective on the 2,000 years following the appearance of Jesus Christ among men. This detailed unfolding of the drama of the expanding Christian movement is a very unconventional' interpretation done by missionary anthropologist/historian. (Circle item on back page).

Ministry Tool for Iranian Outreach Offered

Sharing the Gospel with Iranians A Handbook has been produced by the Zwemer Institute to help American Christians witness to the thousands of Iranians in our midst. Because any ministry to Muslims requires a great deal of sensitivity, the handbook dedicates a number of pages to the cultural and religious background of Iranians. It also gives helpful hints on how to build cultural bridges useful in sharing the Gospel, and makes suggestions for discipling new Iranian believers. Of specific interest is an extended case study. Postpaid $5.25 (add $.50 tax for residents of California) from Samuel Zwemer Institute, P.O. Box 365, Altarlena, CA 91101.

Canadian Evangelism Research Project Underway

Mississau ga, Canada (WEIS). An ambitious attempt is underway to discover and describe the "unreached people" groups in the Canadian population. World Vision of Canada is sponsoring the project in preparation for the June 1983 Canadian Consultation on Evangelism. That consultation is slated for Waterloo, Canada, and will be sponsored by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

The publication to emerge from this study will be a listing of the "people groups," as well as several case histories of successful cross cultural penetration in different regions of Canada.

Gone to be with the Lord

On May, 5th another beloved staff member at the U. S. Center for World Mission went to be with the Lord. Since the 23rd of January of this year when she suffered an aneurysm of the brain, Mary Frances Redding has been mainly unconscious, in spite of surgeries.

One of our earliest and most trusted staff, Mary Fran was in charge of conferences and church relations. She single handedly managed for several years in a row the Southern California Mission Festival and its subsequent Christian Leaders Institute of International Studies. She is remembered for her optimism, her perseverance and hard work, and her wholehearted determination to follow the Lord. We will miss her greatly but rejoice with her on this, her graduation day.

Sudanese Respond to Evangelistic Broadcast

Manila, Philippines (WEIS). The Sudanese people of Indonesia are responding to an evangelistic short wave radio broadcast over the Far East Broadcasting Company's station based in Manila. Since the broadcast originated in December 1981, the mail response indicates that the programs are being heard "loud and clear."

The little known Sudanese, who number about 23 million, comprise the seventh largest ethnic group among the world's Muslims. The daily half hour broadcasts are prepared by the Sudanese Missionary Fellowship, with headquarters in Lynchburg, VA.

7,000 Delegates Made Urbana '81 Pledges

At Urbana '81, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's 13th Student Mission Convention, held December 27 31, 1981, 7,078 delegates (mostly students) signed the World Evangelism Decision Card, distributed to over 14,000 in attendance.

According to John Kyle, program director, 1,727 delegates indicated they believed God was leading them to serve overseas. At the same time, 4,723 made decisions to increase their awareness and involvement in world missions. Another 678 delegates made commitments to support world missions with money earned from business or professional skills.

Fellowship of Isa Reaches to Muslims

In U.S. The Fellowship of Isa (Jesus) came into being to reach out with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ to the nearly four million Muslims living in the U.S.

The Fellowship helps equip volunteers to develop strategies for reaching Muslims. Volunteers consult phone books looking for Muslim names. Tracts are. sent

to those people, and follow up teams call on the Muslims to whom the tracts were sent. The Fellowship of Isa is seeking people who are willing to join in this important dimension of cross-cultural evangelism to one of the main hidden people blocs.

If you are interested in joining with the Fellowship of Isa to help reach Muslims, contact the Fellowship of Isa at the office nearest you: 16 Armory Street, Greenfield, MA 01301 (413-774-5986), or P.O. Box 1206, Minneapolis, MN 55440 (612-929-2828), or 1605 Elizabeth Street, Pasadena, CA (213-797-1111).


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