This is an article from the October-December 1984 issue: The US Center: Its Present and Its Future

Who, Me? On Staff at USCWM?

Who, Me? On Staff at USCWM?

Could be! God calls many different people with various gifts, education and experience to serve at the Center. Can you picture yourself in one of these roles?

A high school senior seeking a college to prepare for a career In missions should consider becoming a missionary Intern at USCWM. The training arm of the Center, the Institute of International Studies O IS), has developed a program of work and study Involving six months abroad every year. The student would enroll! In William Carey International University (WCIU) and pursue a BA in International Development while serving on staff. Thus, combining education, cross cultural experiences amd mission support service in four years.Accountants, administrative assistants, bookkeepers, clerks, data entry clerks, graphic artists, managers, maintenance workers, programmers, researchers, secretaries, writers, etc.   all are needed to flu the many positions at USCWM.

Young adults married or single, with or without a college degree or a specific career path can serve the Lord at the Center. The assignment will depend on ability and need and may change from time to time to provide varied experience, which is helpful on the mission field. Some with specific career training and Interest, like programmers, may not be moved from job to job.

All staff are strongly encouraged to continue formal education related to missions while serving in an office focused on research, mobilization, training, or missions service. Courses abound on campus and in the area. The Samuel Zwemer Institute prepares people for service among muslims. The Institute of Chinese Studies offers courses for those wishing to serve in Chinese people group;. WCIU, part of our training division, focuses on international development and international communication. Staff can study toward a certificate or masters in Applied Linguistics and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in international Development.

Some staff serve at the Center for two years before going overseas. Most sending agencies require the equivalent of a year of training in Bible and missions. WCIU offers a graduate certificate In Bible and missions on a parttime basis and coordinates the classes with the work schedules at USCWM. To facilitate entry into many countries, the course titles are in secular terminology.

Some staff feel called to support the mission enterprise through longer service at USCWM. They will have opportunities to serve overseas for brief periods helping sister centers become established, while others may become field representatives or area managers in other parts of the US, on the front lines of mobilizing and training a new generation of missionaries.

Alumni of the institute of international Studies are needed to fill various roles in the 115 office. including receptionist, coordinate, of the Pasadena courses, graders, bookkeeper and secretary.

Many of our staff have small children; so, we have converted one of our houses into a childcare center. We need some staff who feel called to work with toddlers and pre schoolers. This is a special ministry which provides assistance to young parents and allows some mothers to serve in other offices part-time.

Although most of the staff are under 30, a few are between 55 and 75. But hardly any are between 35 and 55 These are the people, perhaps, who think that they have the most to lose. They are at the peak of their careers, are established as leaders within their churches, and have children in school or just out of college. Yet, these are the people most needed on staff now. These are the experienced managers, ministers and missionaries who can help the younger staff become more efficient and effective. They offer a perspective on life, work, accountability, community, etc. which will provide models for young people preparing for a lifetime of service. Yes, these folks have the most to lose monetarily and materially, but they may have the most to offer in service to the Kingdom of Christ on earth.

Project managers interested in missions and willing to adjust to the dynamics of a voluntary organization are greatly needed to guide the young staff in accomplishing the tasks and goals of the Center. As the size of the staff grows, management demands increase. Mature managers can contribute to the future of missions by helping the new generation be prepared for effective service, by learning how to work cooperatively with others in the great commission.

Ministers committed to building mission vision in churches are needed in Church Relations to communicate with pastors and mission committees.

Seasoned missionaries who are returning to the States for retirement, health, or children's education can bring years of experience in cross cultural living to be shared with others hoping to face similar situations in the future. They are uniquely qualified to mobilize and train new missionaries and research strategies for reaching hidden people groups.

The best is yet to come in retirement Today's pension plans make It feasible for businessmen and tradesworkers to retire early and give years of service to the Lord without needing to raise much in additional funds. The missionary living allowance is significantly below American standards, but as staff live In the same neighborhood, adjustment to a new lifestyle Is relatively easy.

Work schedules can be flexible for retired staff and a whole network of grandchildren are part of the community. Some of our housing units are ideal for retired staff. But the real benefit is continued fruitful service built on years of knowhow.

In addition to opportunities for service In Pasadena. USCWM is setting up a network of extension ministry operations around the country. We need people to promote the Frontier Fellowship in area churches; to coordinate 115 courses In schools and churches; to provide missions literature and media locally. This can be done on volunteer basis of a few hours per week or per month. But we also need full time staff members devoting themselves to training and mobilization in cities large and small. Area and regional managers will tie the network together.

Contact the Personnel Department for information about specific areas of service. Regardless of your age, experience, education, or abilities, there are opportunities for you to serve with the U.S. Center for world Mission.

See 'Personnel Response Form" on back page.


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