This is an article from the March-April 2016 issue: Sending-Base Movements

Train New Disciples to Obey Jesus

Train New Disciples to Obey Jesus

(Adapted from a mastery process developed by Family Bible Church and Troy Cooper.)

  • Break into smaller groups as necessary for full participation within available time.
  • Share highs and lows from the past week.
  • Each retell the memory verse and story from the week before.
  • Each report how they shared and obeyed the story, and what happened.
  • Assess with the group (or individual), based on overall obedience over the past week, whether to repeat the previous lesson or proceed with the next.
  • Storyboard the appropriate lesson from the list below.
  • Each list or map lost individuals in their sphere of influence and pray for them in pairs.
  • Homework: Daily read/rehearse the memory verse and story aloud, pray for a chance to share the story, share it, then report to another group member how it went.

Storyboarding for Faster Learning

  • Read the story as a group and outline it.
  • Each draw six boxes and read the story again together, with each writing and/or drawing it in the boxes.
  • Each retell the story to a partner, referencing only your boxes; then swap roles and repeat.
  • Discuss the story with these SOS questions:
  • What does it Say about God, What should I Obey? What should I Say to others?
  • Each share what they will personally obey from the story.
  • Each identify with whom they will share the story and the Three Circles Gospel presentation in the coming week.

Seven Commands of Christ (memory verses & stories)

  1. Repent & Believe: Mark 1:15, Luke 7:36-50 
    The Woman Weeping at Jesus’ Feet
  2. Make Disciples: Matthew 28:18-20, John 4:4-42
    The Samaritan Woman at the Well
  3. Baptism: Matthew 28:19, Acts 8:26-39
    Philip and the Ethiopian Official
  4. Gather: Hebrews 10:24-25, Acts 2:41-47
    First Church Formed
  5. Love Our Neighbors: Matthew 22:37-39, Luke 10:25-37
    The Good Samaritan
  6. Pray: Matthew 6:9-13, Matthew 6:5-15
    Jesus Teaches about Prayer
  7. Love Our Enemies: John 16:33, Luke 22:39-47
    Gethsemane & Crucifixion


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