This is an article from the November-December 2022 issue: Effective Strategies and Roles for Reaching Frontier Peoples

Prayer Champions

Multiplying Pray-ers

Prayer Champions
For over a decade my family and I worked among the Rajput people to birth a movement in their midst. Then the Lord sent us back to our home country. Still feeling the “Rajput baton” was in our hands, we believed the Lord was leading us to serve the Rajput in new ways. One was championing prayer for the Rajput people. As D.L. Moody shared, "Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.”
The Lord delights in our faith as we ask for impossible things that only He can do. When we lift up people and situations in intercessory prayer, we recognize our limitations and focus on the One who can do all things in accordance with His will. And He moves!
As I was praying, God stirred a global prayer network to develop prayer champions for each of the largest Frontier People Groups (FPGs), including the Rajput. Someone learned of our love for the Rajput, asked me to prayerfully consider the prayer champion role, and offered to help me get started. I saw this as confirmation of what God put in our hearts.
At the outset I felt limited, overwhelmed, and unsure if I was the right person for this position. But the Holy Spirit met me in my doubts and reminded me that when the Lord calls, He provides.
The Rajput Prayer Network (RPN) began with me praying for a few months individually and with my husband for the Lord’s guidance in regard to this new prayer initiative. Already the Lord has brought people, ideas, and structures for facilitating prayer for the Rajputs: a monthly Zoom prayer meeting; a monthly, emailed prayer point list; a Connect group through; a prayer group on GetInvolved. com; and partnering and mentorship with others.
Later steps may include a website dedicated to prayer and following the Pray4movements guidelines ( to develop the RPN.
My long-term vision is for churches, families, and individuals to adopt the Rajput people—committing to pray, give, go, send and anything else God gives us to do to extend His blessing among the Rajputs. I am also excited to discover other new steps the Lord will show me as I facilitate prayer for this FPG.
Brothers and sisters, if you sense the Holy Spirit's prompting to join in praying for the Rajput people, email me at [email protected]. Also check out this short prayer video for Rajputs by Prayercast (
If the  Holy  Spirit  is  prompting  you  to  become a prayer champion for another FPG, listen and trust Him. Your  heart of faith and willing spirit  are extremely powerful, because they rest in God Almighty. If God calls you, He will lead you. Seek His face and move accordingly as we ask His blessing among all FPGs.


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