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Advanced IIS Return

The pilot project of the Advanced Institute of International Studies came to a conclusion this past month. Bruce and Christy Graham, who had previously worked with the Bethel Agricultural Fellowship Friends Missionary Prayer Band, led a team of 8 others in the experience. The 6 month crosscultural program gave exposure to language acquisition techniques, cross cultural evangelism, and indigenous medical and agricultural development models. Plans are being laid for future courses.

China Team Returns

Three researchers from the Institute of Chinese Studies have returned from a 46 day survey of the Chinese world. By making stops in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the People's Republic, the team was able to confirm and adapt some of their previous understanding of the state of the church, means of entry and present mission effort. A full report will be published in future issues of Mission Frontiers.

'Hidden Peoples' Congress Slated for July

Trusting God that we will still be on this campus (See back page!) July 1980 will be full of fun and facts.

FUN: The First Southern California Annual Missions Festival will be held Sunday evening, July 13 in the 3500 seat auditorium on our campus. Especially honored will be the still living Student Volunteers for Foreign Missions from the early part of this century  once 100,000 strong.

AND FACTS: Immediately following is another first  the Christian Leadership Institute of International Studies, July 14 17. Now pastors and lay leaders can find out what it is that so turns their young people into missions fanatics. It's all there in concentrated form: theology of mission, history, anthropology, strategy in reaching Chinese, Muslims, Hindus and Tribals, (one day devoted to each group).

Begin with the National Conference of the Association of Missions Committees in Claremont, a short distance away, ending at noon on July 13. Finish with your own special Hidden Peoples Congress with festival and IlS for adults. For more information write to: Christian Leadership IIS 1605 E. Elizabeth Pasadena, CA 91104.

IIS Summer Courses

Research institutes are continuing to develop complimentary intensive courses of study which reinforce the perspective building curriculum of the Institute of International Studies (lIS).

Two great civilizations of Islam and the Chinese are focused upon by the Zwemer Institute and Chinese World Mission Center (CWMC)'s "Understanding Chinese World Evangelization". The Fellowship of Artists for Cultural Evangelism (FACE) summer institute develops a person's ability to use the varied art forms of "hidden peoples" as avenues of communicating the gospel. Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) will also be taught through the William Carey International University.

International Films and All Nations Frontier Missions are offering new courses this summer in crosscultural film communication and literacy (respectively)


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