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Hidden Peoples Pinpointed

170 EFMA mission executives in Kansas City recently pledged their organizations to reach 5,908 of the world's 16,750 Hidden Peoples by the year 1990! "FRONTIER" GOAL SET The Missouri Synod Lutherans voted to increase their mission staff from 170 to 600 by 1990, and to open 10 new fields where they can touch Hidden People groups.

Presbyterians Rally their Students for Missions

The United Presbyterian Center for Mission Studies reports that it will sponser a Sunday afternoon rally, which will include keynote speakers and a 200 voice choir, for an expected 2,000 Presbyterian students attending InterVarsity's Urbana Convention December 27-31.

Deaf Identified as Hidden People

Morris Sands, missionary to Brazil for many years, has estimated that Brazil has 7 million deaf people who are virtually being ignored by its society. Only two small efforts have been identified that are dealing with this need. And rough estimates indicate 40 million deaf people worldwide. Very little work, if any, is being done to cross both the cultural and handicap barriers with the gospel of Christ.

Formation of Lutherans for World Evangelization

An office has been set up on the USCWM campus to focus on mobilizing the three major Lutheran denominations towards significant Hidden People involvement. John Ottesen, formerly a Lutheran missionary in India, is heading up the Pasadenabased office. NURSE PRACTITIONER

Course Available

A course designed to equip nurses for both sophisticated medical practice and cross-cultural sensitivity has been formed by the William Carey International University in conjunction with Cal State Long Beach. Dr. Rick Johnson, M.D. and his capable nursepractitioner assistant, Mrs. Kitty Franz, are heading up the program. Dr. Johnson also reports that the courses dealing with nursing in underdeveloped countries which are offered on the USCWM-WCIU campus are now approved by the State of California for continuing education units for registered nurses.

Emerging Student Missions Leadership in South Africa

David Bliss of African Enterprise has helped develop a student missions tour for close to 33 young South African leaders, of whom 7 are pastors. The group will attend the Urbana Missionary Convention and the January session of IIS in Pasadena, CA. Bliss hopes this will be a first step in seeing South African youth move toward significant "Hidden People" endeavors.

Student Missions Periodical on the Drawing Board

A quarterly magazine, Today's Mission, will hopefully be available for the Urbana Missionary Convention in December of this year. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA., the periodical will provide strategic missions information to students within evangelical constituencies across the country.


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