This is an article from the March-April 1997 issue: Countdown to AD2000

Mission Frontiers Would Like to Give Birth, But We Need Your Help!

Mission Frontiers Would Like to Give Birth, But We Need Your Help!

Yes, you read that right. Mission Frontiers would like to give birth, not to children, but to thousands of independent magazines and newsletters in every people and culture of the world--all focused on frontier missions. The basic job of Mission Frontiers is sharing the vision of reaching the unreached peoples. We want to see that vision multiplied and spread throughout all the peoples of the world. Every people, tribe and tongue should have access to frontier mission vision.

Just as it is the God given privilege and responsibility of every believer in every people to help reach the remaining unreached peoples, it is also the responsibility of every person to help spread frontier mission vision to those believers with whom they have contact. Mission Frontiers has an important part to play, but we cannot do it alone. We need your help!

Right now MF impacts over 100,000 people all across the world. As wonderful as this sounds, this is just one person out of every 6,000 Bible-believing Christians in the world. This amounts to just 1/100 of one percent of the 600 million Bible believing Christians in the world. Unless each person who receives MF is willing to use it as a tool to spread frontier mission vision to others, we will never impact the majority of believers with a vision for missions.

The good news is that you can help us reach these millions of other followers of Christ. Do you have a church bulletin, newsletter, magazine or newspaper that you could use to spread the frontier mission vision?

We are inviting you to take the materials printed in MF and reprint them in whatever publications or teaching materials to which you have access. You can retype them, photocopy them or pull them off our E- mail conference or web site and reformat them for your publication. We only ask that you let your readers know where you got the material and that you send us a copy of your publication. However, if the article in MF is reprinted from another publication, you will need to contact the first publisher for permission.

Would you like to start a frontier mission publication of your own for the people in your church, denomination or mission agency? You could include material from Mission Frontiers along with unreached people news items that would relate directly to the people with whom you have contact. It can be as simple or fancy as you would like. Mission Frontiers started out 19 years ago using just a typewriter. You don't need to have much money or know a lot people. You just need the catch the vision of what you can accomplish.

Your involvement could be as simple as ordering extra copies of MF for your contacts. If you have people in your church, Bible school or agency who would enjoy receiving MF, fill out the Response Form on the inside front cover and send it back with the quantity you would like to receive. If everyone receiving MF shared just some of its material with one other person, the impact of MF would be doubled. Passing your copy on to someone else when you are finished with it can also double the impact of MF. The important thing is to make the effort and believe that you can make a difference.

Together, with your help, we can make a world of difference. We hope that you will join us in this effort.


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