This is an article from the March-April 1995 issue: The Unfinished Task

MF Behind the Scenes

Is it Obvious Yet?

MF Behind the Scenes

Have you guessed yet that we are big fans of the growing AD2000 and Beyond Movement? For the last few years, every issue of MF has included numerous pages of news and information on this incredible movement. We have often praised the work and vision of Dr. Thomas Wang and Luis Bush who head up this global movement. We would not give AD2000 this kind of support if we did not firmly believe in the tremendous value and potential of this massive grass-roots movement to fulfill the dream of a church for every people by the year 2000.

We see one of our purposes here at Mission Frontiers as being a communications link for this global movement. We believe that anything that we can do to support this movement will support our efforts to see the vision of a church for every people by the year 2000 become a reality. We will not hesitate, however, to let you know if they stray from this goal. We do intend to hold them accountable.

We present in this issue a major address by Luis Bush titled, "The Unfinished Task, It can be done by AD2000," which starts on page 7. I believe, that this title is true in two senses. The unfinished task can be completed by the year 2000 and it can be completed by the AD2000 and Beyond Movement. This article presents the guiding theme of the AD2000 and Beyond Movement as they prepare to launch GCOWE '95 in Seoul, Korea on May 17, 1995. In his article, Luis calls the worldwide church to look at the tremendous things that God is doing in our time and, in faith, to attempt great things for God in reaching toward the goal of a church for every people by the year 2000.

I encourage you to read this message by Luis Bush and take note of the tremendous things that God is doing in our day to bring salvation to all peoples. I think you will agree with me after reading this message, that completing world evangelization in the next five years really is possible.

But it's possible only if all of us will support the efforts of the AD2000 and Beyond Movement with our prayers, participation and financial support. We need to get involved in mobilizing our family, friends, pastor, and church members with a vision to get involved in this movement. Let them know what God is doing through the AD2000 and Beyond Movement and encourage them to get involved. If we all work together, we will succeed. God is accelerating the progress toward world evangelization. Don't miss out on the joy and privilege of being a part of this mighty move of God in our time.

We need your help in 1995. All good things cost something. See Dr. Winter's box to the right for the rationale for our unusual approach to the $300,000 annual cost of Mission Frontiers. One third of that is the labor of producing the bulletin, and is paid for indirectly by the wonderful people supporting our missionary staff. One third is what we pay for the printing and labelling. One third is what we pay the post office. It is the latter two "thirds" which we hope readers will cover.

But we want first of all to thank each and every one of the 462 generous people who together covered half of the costs in 1994! That was a first! Now we are facing the costs for 1995. I'm not sure if it is fair to expect all of the same people to give $136.50 again. (It is now up to $140 for 70 subscriptions--at $2 each). Note that the plan involves more than just money. For His Glory Rick Wood


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