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Two Bikes

I write in response to "When Two Bikes Split a Church" (Dec. 2000). Over the last three years our organization has sent more than $30,000 to India for indigenous ministries to use specifically to buy bicycles for their workers. The actual result has been the planting of hundreds of additional churches. Why? Because those committed workers got up on those bicycles and rode to unreached villages that they previously had not had time or means to visit. Perhaps the problem in this missionary's case wasn't the bicycles themselves or the issue of local versus non-local resources. We believe there is a way to work with indigenous ministries that allows us who "have the world's goods" to behold our brothers in need and reach out to support them.

Lance Thollander
South Asia Director
Christian Aid Mission

Your December 2000 issue is even more excellent than usual. I especially appreciate your news abstracts and the web references where appropriate for additional info.

Charles T.
Greenville, NC

I am Assemblies of God, and I just finished reading the September 2000 edition. It touched my heart and opened my eyes. Here in central Ohio, we do not have many Native Americans and so the issues covered are not particularly relevant to us--but the principle and the truths surely are. Thank you!

Russ H.
Newark, OH


Might I be so bold as to take Mr. Winter's excellent comments on education alternative a step further? I am a missions mother, pregnant with my eighth child. I see my calling to disciple and train my children to carry on in missions where I will never tread. Homeschooling enables me to direct their education for the first 12 years of school, rather then throwing them into an education system that is a waste of time and inappropriate if we want to see a generation coming out of ours for the mission field. I am far from finished with this task, but already I see good fruit in my older children. Our children are the biggest discipleship opportunity God gives us. Why not take full advantage of the opportunity.


A truly encouraging letter came to us, emphasizing Judy's point. The following MF reader made us smile and say, "This is what it's all about."

Dear Mission Frontiers,

My name is Evan. I am in third grade, I'm nine years old, and I'm homeschooled. I live near Cincinnati, Ohio.

I read "The Unlikely Missionary" about radios and the issue about Native Americans. In "The Unlikely Missionary" I liked it that a lot of people are receiving radio programs about Christ. I also liked to learn about the Native Americans from the other issue. I hope you'll be able to keep sending your magazine. I'm sending fifteen dollars, so you can reach more people and send out more magazines.

Yours in Christ,
Evan P.


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