This is an article from the May 1982 issue: Virgil A. Olson



Regarding the letter from C.W. in Indiana and the problem of being without change every day, there is a simple solution: trade bills for coins whenever you need some change. If you do this on a regular basis, you will also not face the time consuming task of counting and packaging hundreds of coins when you are ready to send your donation for frontier missions!

In His love,

-Pat Myers Hagerstown, MD

Send $.50 for a special key holder ($.25 each if 10 or more are ordered) which allows you to keep four nickels and three dimes in reserve at all times. You can then safely give all your pocket coins each day and never be caught without emergency coins Ed.

Enclosed is the first dividend from our loose change fellowship. The need out there is so huge, $35 doesn't seem like much ...but God will answer our prayers, and keep the Center functioning...

I was actually into the idea before I ever heard from you regarding this particular plank For some time I had been saving my loose change, and encouraging my wife Cindy to do likewise, and growing in the conviction that we would send it to missions when we filled our "jar." Meanwhile I was praying regularly for the Center, and for missions in general, and a few missionary friends of mine, etc. I think I had already combined the twopraying for missions, and the Center every night while I emptied my pockets, when you wrote me about your new plan." I was a natural! Anyway, the jar got full, so here it is. It's not going to get you out of debt, but the prayers that lie behind, and countless other gifts like it, just may.

"I am sure that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion..." To His name be glory.


-Charles S. Denison Flora, IN

This letter allows us to clarify that our policy is not to use for our property payments more than the first $15 that comes from the loose coins that are accumulated by the Frontier Fellowship. In fact; for people who have sent in $15.95 already, we seek to send on all the loose coin offerings that happen to be sent to us. Why? Because all cooperating organizations are themselves earmarking the first $15 coming in to them from Frontier Fellowship offerings. We truly want all coins beyond the first $15 to go to other agencies Ed.

Your book Once More Around Jericho really touched me. Reading about the faith others have placed in Jesus really thrills me, it challenges my own, letting me be free in believing my Lord as well.

Brother Winter, you speak of crossing cultural barriers with the Gospel message. For a long time this has been my prayer, only on a smaller level. You see my place of residence is a penitentiary. Still the love of Jesus is real.

My belief is if we are ever to reach those who don't know the truth we must cross these barriers. In other words, we must become the bridge to span the gulf between life and death, being willing to lay down our ideas, our life, so they may see Jesus.

For myself, if God would open these doors and allow me to go forth to another country preaching and sharing His Word, in a moment I would be gone. Seeing this is not afforded me at this time, my reaching out involves me] here in this prison. If the term may be used, there are "hidden people" right here hiding from themselves and from the truth.

At this point there is not mach money that can be sent, for there is not much made, however as my tithe and service to God I would like this to be where my support goes... Again thank you for your concern and God bless you in this outreach to others.

Love in Christ,

-Stacey Fox Huntingdon, PA

We received our first sample packet including the "Daily Prayer Guide" today. I have never been more excited about a missions program! This is filling a desperate need! We will be moving to New York state where I will pastor a larger church. I intend to introduce the Frontier Fellowship there. I also intend to introduce it here before I leave.

In His Love,

-Dan Wray Limington, Maine


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