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Global Prayer - A Call to the Younger Generation

Global Prayer - A Call to the Younger Generation

Over the last several years there have been subtle, but positive signs among Christian young adults concerning the possibility of a renewed, widespread, long-term movement to reach the nations. Small groups committed to global prayer have historically always been at the center of new thrusts of global mission vision among students. It seems timely, then, to unleash a present widespread call to devoted prayer among the college student population focused on the urgent realization of the global purpose of God.

Prayer is one of the most powerful mobilization tools we have at our disposal. It is not enough to have a speaker simply talk about stories going on around the world to mobilize today’s college students. What engages this generation is the chance to partner with God through personally interceding and standing in the gap for a people group, culture, city, or social sector completely different from their own. This, coupled with the knowledge of others that are also praying fervently for the same thing, is a powerful motivator. There is a cry in the hearts of the younger generation to engage with the Living God in a meaningful way as they align themselves with His passions.

We need round-the-clock, ongoing houses of prayer raised up in local churches and on college campuses that cry out to God, day and night, for peoples around the world whom the Church has forgotten. The spiritual power required to see the gospel planted around the world and for millions to be ushered into the Kingdom will be sustained only by these prayer furnaces. God knows that prayer and intercession must once again become our primary activity to move forward appropriately and powerfully.

There is a global mission movement arising among the younger generation. Student Volunteer Movement 2 (SVM2) is seeking to serve this movement. One of its priorities is encouraging the formation of Global Prayer Teams on college campuses and in local churches around the world. These are small groups of committed young adults who gather on a weekly basis crying out to God for the fulfillment of His purposes among every culture on the earth in our lifetime, for local and global revival, and for an increase of practical involvement in global proclamation among the younger generation. Just imagine a global prayer movement among the younger generation where 50,000 Global Prayer Teams are meeting weekly on campuses throughout the world. Why not now?

You can request a Global Prayer Team Guide be sent to you from the website - - for a small suggested donation of US$3. We encourage leaders of campus ministries and college fellowships to order multiple copies and get them into the hands of their student leaders. This guide will equip you, envision you, and practically lead you in how to form these small groups in your community. Will you partner with God in this pivotal hour and raise the bar of intercession for the world in your community?

For more information about SVM2, contact [email protected].


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