This is an article from the June 1982 issue: Cameron Townsend

From the Director

From the Director

May 10, 1982

Dear friends,

( .. Do these editorials "scream" at you? Apparently each issue of this bulletin does appear to "scream for money" a good friend of mine says... like nothing else he gets through the mail.

I am embarrassed. I can't believe it! Yet he is being honest with me. What are we screaming about? Well, we are pleading with people to share the vision of the final frontiers, yes! (Thousands are!) We are pleading with organizations to join us in this cause, yes. (Dozens are.)

Yes, we invite people to invite others to give a $15.95 "founding gift." And 28, 000 have done so thus far. (Note 33, 900 new people are the goal of the organizations just mentioned. That's more than we have on our own encountered in 5 years!)

We have also invited all groups and organizations (that want to do something to help us) to join the Frontier Fellowship movement and to give us the first $15. 00 from any one person who sends their loose change to them. A number have already said yes. (Seepage 20.)

Is this what has "screamed at my friend No, I guess it is something else. I'm sure it has to do with the complete picture on pages 6 and 7.

Those facts! They scream at us too. Looking at those 16 payments we have already made  it is terribly impressive what God has done! We don't believe he wants us to quit. Yet going on is hard.

Dear people, things look so good and yet so bad. The good part is what God has already done. There is only a thin line between an anxiety which is faithless, and a concern which is faithful. But, tell me, if we studiously avoid giving any evidence of a normal human reaction to the precariousness of our situation, may we not actually be sending false signals by our silence?

So let me speak from a human standpoint. Our worst threat of foreclosure was last Dec. 31st. Many people sent over and above gifts, and we skinned by. Then came 4 months of "relaxation," I guess. Practically no money came in. We couldn't pay our March 1st payment until April 1st, and even then we had to borrow $65, 000 out of a $70, 000 severance fund  our only contingency resources. As I write, (May 10th) we have not paid that back yet and we have nothing toward the $175, 000 due June 1st. (See chart on p. 7.)

We would have to be pretty faithless not to believe that God knows what He is doing in giving us grave difficulties in meeting these payments. We would also have to be foolish to fail to see that this pressure, that this stress, is a maturing process which He apparently feels we need. He is not simply trying to buy this campus for the final frontiers. He's trying to forge a disciplined community devoted to Him, to each other, and to the frontiers.


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