This is an article from the May 1983 issue: Meet the Generals

Financial Update

Financial Update

The suspense heightens in this countdown to the $6 million balloon payment due September 1st, a little over 90 days away! As we explained last time, refinancing is a grim picture. Outstanding business people have advised us: you must pay this payment! How?

All approaches involve God's miracles Here are several approaches:

Plan A

We can keep on asking individuals for one time $15.95 gifts. As we promised last issue, you now have a neat little brochure that will be easy for you to give to your friends, send to Christmas card lists, etc.

What a miracle if the 17. 000 people on our list can order more and successfully pass out 400, 000! That is an average of 15 brochures each. It could happen. It will surely help

This has been our original plan all along. Note that $15 is the gift; 95 pays for materials we send that introduce that person to new hope and vision.

Plan B

As you know, our mainline plan is to continue to work with the Frontier Fellowship movement. Why? Because it educates and inspires as well as raises loose change. There are now 26 cooperating organizations, including the Overseas Missionary Fellowship. The goals of these organizations, reasonably estimated, total 445, 000 Frontier Fellowship Prayer Partners. But note:

  1. We do not expect those goals to be reached by September 1st.
  2. But it !s easy to see that when those goals are reached, the $6 million will be forthcoming. How?

    Over a period of a year, at east $100 in loose change will come in per person. That is a total of $;q, 500, 000. About 19% (first year only) will go to the Frontier Fellowship National Office Of this amount, 90% will be passed on to the "Ten Essential Components you see on the page to the right. What's more, the first funds received will go to the most urgent need (which is under item #9), the U. S. Center campus.
  3. In view of what these goals will render, we believe we may be able to expect advances against these goals.

Plan C

There is abundant evidence already that a cooperative center, like the U, S. Center, which serves all evangelical mission agencies, will receive help from both friendly individuals and organizations. Many missionaries, for example, have sent large amounts of their very scarce funds. So have mission agencies. Local churches too.

  1. While we do not ask for such funds (in larger than $15 amounts), we do acknowledge the timely, providential help they give.
  2. But at the same time, all gifts (exceeding $15.95) that are designated for our property, we Intend to return or reassign once enough $15 gifts come in.

Rather than send us further gifts, we would prefer people send out the PLAN A brochure, or help to foster the Frontier Fellowship. Why? Both PLAN A and PLAN B are visionspreading plans! Not just money plans

Note: one well known missionary. Don Richardson, and one organization that publishes the beautiful mission magazine, World Christian have used their own initiative to appeal for funds for us, and already there is considerable response. We appreciate this and will handle all such gifts as under 2) above.

We have believed for a long time that "Seek ye first the spreading of the vision and all these small gifts will come to you.'

Most of all, join us in the excitement of praying for His will to be done.


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