This is an article from the May 1982 issue: Virgil A. Olson

Daily Prayer Guide

Daily Prayer Guide

The backbone of the Fellowship:

A daily devotional discipline designed to revolutionize the lives of a million Christians and 2.6 billion hidden people!

Why a Daily Prayer Guide?

"Nothing that does not occur daily will ever dominate your life!"

That's a basic fact of human nature.

Now, with the Daily Prayer Guide, you can take a few minutes each day to walk through the world. This unique prayer guide will focus your mind and heart on thousands of "hidden" nations cut off from Christian outreach the Gospel's final frontiers. Every day, you'll discover surprises that will gradually and surely transform your entire outlook on God's world today.

From Where did this Daily Devotional Idea Come?

The Daily Prayer Guide is a part of a revolutionary plan for mission support which came from the Lushai Christians of Northwest Burma. They heard of the Dai people to the north, a mountain people without the Gospel. Determining to go as missionaries, Lushais needed prayer and financial support. So, they developed a plan.

As they prepare each meal, they set aside a handful of rice, using this simple act as a reminder to pray for their missionaries. These small handfuls, pooled together and sold by the church once a month, raise an astonishing amount of support for Christian outreach.

In the American version of this Burmese plan, Christians save their loose change in a jar each day for new work among Hidden Peoples. As they do, they remember to pray, using the Daily Prayer Guide.

How Does the Daily Prayer Guide Work?

The Daily Prayer Guide will encourage you to:

  1. Pursue God's heart for all nations as you read of His redemptive plan revealed throughout the Old and New Testaments;
  2. Praise God for what he has done through men and women who have faithfully made His Commission the priority of their lives;
  3. Plead with God for the hidden peoples as you get a glimpse of cultures still untouched by the Gospel;
  4. Petition for promising breakthroughs just on the horizon as mission organizations move out to penetrate new frontiers;
  5. Pray for the church's obedience and for your own obedience as you strive to make God's redemptive passion your own.

What's Coming in the June Issue?

June's Daily Prayer Guide has some particularly exciting thrusts:Inspirational, convicting excerpts from the life and writings of Jim Elliot who was martyred by the Auca Indians of Ecuador.Vignettes on the life of Henry Martyn, a brilliant Bible translator who pioneered among the Muslims of India at the turn of the 19th century.Exhortations for mission education in the church from John R. Mott, a key leader of the Student Volunteer Movement, the most powerful student missions movement in history.Exciting plans being implemented for penetration of people groups beyond the reach of any current Christian witness.

How Can my Church or Favorite Mission Agency Become Involved?

Many denominations and mission agencies have already elected to distribute their own customized version of the Daily Prayer Guide. Groups already involved include:

Africa Inland Mission Christian Missionary Fellowship Evangelical Free Church North Africa Mission United Presbyterians... and others.

Write to us and ask if a customized version exists for your group. If not, perhaps you can encourage your church or the mission agency you support to join these groups.


This is a dangerous booklet. As you read of God's consuming passion to redeem men of all nations, your world will never look the same. And as you pray for thousands of forgotten people groups locked behind barriers of language and culture, your world will never BE the same. Today, decide to join with thousands of believers across the country in this daily devotional discipline to revolutionize the lives of 2.6 billion Hidden People.


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