This is an article from the June 1980 issue: USCWM - Our Goals

Catch the Vision

From its inception, the U.S.

Center has held as its top priority spreading the vision to reach Hidden Peoples. The primary goal, implicit in the million person donation campaign, is to ignite new fires of dedication to penetrate Hidden People cultures.

Each day, exciting letters flow into USCWM's Mobilization Division from pastors, laymen, and students across the country who are eager to share the vision.


A veritable army of campaigners is initiating creative projects to spread the vision! For instance, more than 150 people have volunteered two hours a week to promote a concern for the Hidden Peoples.

One such volunteer, Phyllis Gentry of Minnesota, offered to help distribute literature and facilitate Hidden People Sundays at churches in her area. Although she is 200 miles from a major city, Phyllis has launched a letter writing, phone calling campaign to some 200 pastors whose names she compiled from her phone book. Already, she has received positive response from her first 10 inquiries.

[Interested in trying this approach in your area? Check box 1 on page 8 for more information. ]

Hidden People

Churches all around the country are catching the vision, More than 130 churches have held Hidden People Sundays in the last 6 months, introducing their congregations to the challenge of frontier missions.

The mission committee of Grace Community Church in California is going one step further. Not only is it educating its own members; the committee

is enlisting believers outside its own congregation for the cause of the Hidden Peoples. Each committee member is mailing out 10 grapevine letters to spark a chain of growing World Christians. This project is one in a series of congregational activities in our "Year of Vision" program to encourage prayer, giving, awareness, sending, and campaigning for the Hidden Peoples.

Pastor Bernie Powell has set a goal of generating 1,000 frontier missionaries from Akron, Ohio. Bernie is encouraging other pastors to present a frontier missions challenge to their congregations. We are working with him to plan an annual Missions Festival as well as a Student Conference on World Evangelization ("SCOWE") to reach college students in the community.

[What's happening in your area? Let us help you. Check box 2 on page 8.1Missionaries and Christian workers have been some of our most enthusiastic supporters.

Barbara Lewis, a United Presbyterian missionary in Pakistan, is mailing out 600 grapevine letters    3 to each of her 200 supporters. After reading Once More Around Jericho, Barbara said:

I can't express what reading it has done for me... God has been doing new and wonderful things in your life as a result of the enormous pilgrimmage of faith the Center is meaning for all of you... my soul has been singing as I read and since... 1 want you to know that although I had been praying for you and the Center, I am led of the Lord to do so in a new way now. I count it my highest privilege to be a prayer partner of all He is doing in and through the Center. I pray that some of my praying friends will become yours, as well. Hallelujah!

Hallelujah, indeed! Warren Nelson, serving with Campus Crusade in San Bernadino, is mobilizing his 330 supporters through the growing Grapevine. He is among dozens of other Crusade staff who have encouraged their supporters to give a one time gift    and to spread the vision.

Involve Yourself

[Can you help mobilize your friends and supporters through the Grapevine? If you can mail out 100 or more grapevines (by yourself or through your friends), we will print a special edition with your name and address on them so you will be the first to know about the World Christians you have helped to make. Check box 3 on page 8.]

Frontier vision is sweeping many schools. Students at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts brought new vision to local churches and fellowships. The students themselves sent in over $5,000 to help found the U.S. Center.

At LeTourneau College in Texas, students with a special concern for Hidden Peoples have formed a Student Volunteer Movement for Frontier Missions. In an effort to share their vision, they are systematically distributing literature from the U.S. Center to interest their friends in Hidden Peopies.

[For details on ways to spread vision on your campus, check box 4 on page 8.]

You have given once. Now, take another step of faith and involve yourself in an effort to alert other Christians to the task remaining.

"But I don't have time," you say. All of us could use more time. In fact, never before has the time been so short, the call more pressing for Christians to live as soldiers on a war time footing, bringing the Gospel to all peoples.

Join with these visionsharers. 16,750 cultures are waiting.


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