This is an article from the March 1980 issue: Campus Crisis

Campus Crisis: Success or Failure

Campus Crisis: Success or Failure

Why it happened "We got down on our knees and asked God to do the impossible and then we got up and worked like crazy in those first two years." This is roughly what Richard LeTourneau wrote in his new book Success Without Suceeding to describe what happened when his ageing father "R.G." turned over his entire industrial empire to Richard and his three brothers. Their dependence upon God and also the exact words, "worked like crazy" equally describe our situation here  the sense of urgency and the immense issues hanging in the balance as our predominantly young staff has wrestled and grappled with the challenge.

What literally happened God did, once more, undertake. Just enough money came in, from large and small gifts. Our check for $25,000 was "instantly" transmitted from the Pasadena branch to the branch of the same bank in San Diego on Thursday, February 28th. All day Friday, the 29th, we owed no one anything. We had thus completed the December payment. Just as we completed last September's $344,000 payment just before the December payment, so we completed last December's payment just before our March payment. However, Saturday, March 1st we owed a new $175,000.

How it happened We have asked God to undertake, and He has. In turn, we have asked people to pray, to share the vision of the world's remaining Hidden Peoples, and to give a one time $15.95 donation. We asked for a little, we received much.

Why it was crucial The $25,000 paid last Thursday was the tail end of the $175,000 December payment. Note: only by completing it before March 1st could we provide evidence that we were getting in $175,000 per quarter. And we did (God did)! But we are still 3 months behind since we are now owing the new $175,000 March payment and have just paid out every penny available. It is urgent that we catch up as fast as possible so we can start saving up for the June payment.

How Can We Catch Up?

By getting the money in faster! However, we believe that God's way for us to do that is not to be anxious about getting the money in but to concentrate on getting the vision out. Now, this is, for us, an act of faith. It is a case of seeking first the Kingdom of God and the necessary things being added unto us. Just think! Everywhere this new vision of the Hidden Peoples goes, these little $15.95 gifts come in. Just imagine the impact upon America when 1,000,000 of the 40,000,000 Evangelical Americans catch the vision. People like you are passing it on  a rising tide of small and larger gifts is coming in.


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