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Editorial Comment Editorial

Editorial Comment

Lest We Take Credit

Dear Friend,

This is a special issue of MISSION FRONTIERS part of the wonderful help of a single donor in Chicago who has funded the Last $1,000 campaign. Outside workers...

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A Church for Every People by the Year 2000 Other

A Church for Every People by the Year 2000

Growing attention has been focused this decade on the hope of reaching the remaining 17,000 unreached tribes, tongues, and peoples.

The U. S. Center for World Mission has been privileged to be...

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Revitalizing Congregations! Feature

Revitalizing Congregations!

Emmanuel Faith is one of 50 churches that have conducted "Perspectives" programs.

"I'm convinced the single most important thing to hit our church in the area of missions in our generation is the...

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Awakening Denominations! Other

Awakening Denominations!

Entire denominations are launching new programs for reaching the Unreached Peoples.

I confess, when I last heard about 'Loose Change giving,! didn't want it," wrote Dr. Paul Risser, pastor of the...

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Helping Mission Agencies! Other

Helping Mission Agencies!

A new excitement to finish the mission task is sweeping the mission world.

"God has useil the U.S. Center to expand our vision from the geographic to the demographic from countries and areas to...

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What Others Are Saying Other

What Others Are Saying

Mission Executives, Pastors, Doctors, Educators, Evangelists, Publishers, etc.

I know of no comparable organization doing as much for the cause of world missions, and particularly for that of unstached areas. Africa Inland Mission is fully behind the program of the U.S....

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World Evangelism Other

World Evangelism

A World Task

Used by permission

One word says it aII for 30 years of North American foreign mission agencies: staggering, surprising growth.

The economic prosperity of American churches (and American...

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1986: Threshold Year for a New Movement? Other

1986: Threshold Year for a New Movement?

From Roberta Winter's soon to be published book I Will Do A New Thing

One hundred years ago, the famous evangelist DL. Moody invited 251 college students to a month¬long Bible conference on the...

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Global Peoples Profiles: Feature

Global Peoples Profiles:

Hazara of Afghanistan and Deccanis of India

Hazara of Afghanistan

There are 1,586,900 clearly identified Hazara people in Afghanistan, though other sources report estimates that go as high as 6,000,000. They are located in the central...

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The “Last $1000” Campaign Other

The “Last $1000” Campaign

An Idea is Born

You need $8 million to finish paying for your campus. Why don't you find 8000 people who will give $1000 apiece'?" a supporter once asked.

"Would you give $1000?" we responded....

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This Unusual Place Feature

This Unusual Place

My anthropology professors in grad school in almost every class look potshots at missionaries, telling stories about their inability to understand die people (and implying that anthropologists...

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Center Leadership Other

Center Leadership

Ralph and Roberta

The Winters are co founders of the US. Center for World Mission; were missionaries to Guatemala for ten years; and are parents of four daughters, all of whom, with their...

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