Listing of Prior Issues

November - December 2010 Going Radical: Young Megachurch Pastor Ignites a Movement to Radical Discipleship
September - October 2010 Making Jesus Known
July - August 2010 Setting the Pace: Tokyo 2010 Leads the Way in Celebrating Edinburgh 2010
May - June 2010 Do People Groups Still Matter?
March - April 2010 Loving Bin Laden: What does Jesus Expect Us to Do?
January - February 2010 Recapturing the Role of Suffering

November - December 2009 Committed! The Power of Students With a Compelling Vision
September - October 2009 Discipling All Peoples: Today's Imperative and the Vision of Tokyo 2010
May - August 2009 Ralph D. Winter: Missiologist, Educator, Innovator 1924 - 2009
March - April 2009 USCWM: Mobilizing the Church in the U.S. and Around the World Toward Strategic Involvement in the Unfinished Task
January - February 2009 What Kind of an Amazing Mission Conference in 1910 Would be Commemorated by Four Global Conferences in 2010?

November - December 2008 China Rediscovers its Hero 30:6
September - October 2008 Today's Iranian Revolution: How the Mullahs Are Leading the Nation to Jesus (30:5)
July - August 2008 Rethinking Our Approach to Muslim Peoples 30:4
May - June 2008 Losing Faith: Is There a Cure for This Ongoing Problem? 30:3
March - April 2008Are We Losing More Than We're Gaining? 30:2
January - February 2008 God cannot lead you on the basis of information you do not have 30:1

November - December 2007 Can Business be Mission?
September - October 2007 Declare His Glory and Proclaim His Glory
July - August 2007 The Global Slave Trade: A Cause for Our Time
May - June 2007 All the World is Singing 29:3
March - April 2007 How Should We Approach Blocs, Clusters, and Peoples? 29:2
Jan- February 2007 God's Patchwork Quilt: The Peoples of South Sumatra 29:1

November - December 2006 What Are We Aiming to Achieve? Effectively 'Engaging' All Peoples? 28:6
September - October 2006 Are We Accelerating or Inhibiting Movements to Christ? 28:5
July - August 2006 What DNA Are We (Really) Reproducing? 28:4
May-June 2006 Profiles in Partnership 28:3
March-Apr 2006 The Uncertain Future of Missions? 28:2
Jan- Feb 2006 Which Peoples Need Priority Attention? 28:1

November-December 2005 Do Some Agencies Mislead Donors 27:6
September-October 2005 Can we Trust Insider Movements 27:5
July-August 2005 The Global Network of Missions Structures 27:4
May-June 2005 Churches and Agencies: Develop New Blueprints for Partnership 27:3
March- April 2005 Hope Amidst Horror for the Peoples of Darfur 27:2
Jan- Feb 2005 Which Peoples Need Priority Attention? (II) 27:1

November-December 2004 Which Peoples Need Priority Attention? (I) 26:6
Sept-October 2004 Overlooked No More: Peoples and Partnerships of the Caucasus 26:5
July-August 2004 Student Debt & Missionary Service 26:4
May-June 2004 Nurturing Devotees of Jesus within India's Castes 26:3
March-Apr 2004 Real Fools for God? 26:2
Jan-Feb 2004 Beyond the Ranges: Major Unfinished Dimensions of Mission 26:1

Nov-Dec 2003 Missions at the Edge: Moving Past Cultural Christianity
Sept-Oct 2003 Muslims, Missions, and the Media: How Should we Respond?
July-August 2003 Have Missions Really Made a Difference?
May-June 2003 The Missing Piece in Global Mission Strategy?
March-April 2003 The Scandal & Promise of Global Christian Education
Jan-Feb 2003 Advancing Strategies Among All Unreached Peoples

November-December 2002 Has "Table 71" made a Breakthrough?
September-October 2002 From Surviving to Thriving
July-August 2002 God's Purposes & Our plans
May-June 2002 Looking Back and Looking Forward
March-April 2002 Putting Church on the Back of a Came
Jan-Feb 2002 Which Peoples Need Priority Attention

Dec 2001 The Many Faces of Islam
Sept 2001 Strategic Giving
June 2001 Worship That Moves the Soul
March 2001 God's Story: Urbana 2000 challenges a new generation of students

Dec 2000 Crossing Boundaries: Radio is bringing the Gospel to the unreached
Sept 2000 A New Day in Ministry to Native Americans
June 2000 The State of the World 2000
April 2000 The African American and Missions
Special Issue Reaching Hindus
January 2000 Short-Term Missions: Where are they headed?
Sept-Dec. 99 Strategic Partnerships: Putting the Pieces Together
May-August 99 Women and Missions: A Powerful Mission Force and Critical Field
March-April 99 Oh India!: How can the Gospel be Proclaimed as Persecution Grows
Jan - Feb 99   Winds of Renewal: Could This Be Another Student Volunteer Movement

Sept.-Dec. 98 The New Horizons in Mission: How Do We Strategically Complete the Task
July-Aug 98   Mongolia: A People Movement to Christ Emerges.
May-June 98   The Mission to the Aucas
March-April 98   Laying a Firm Foundation for Missions
Jan.-Feb 98   A Pastor with a Passion for the Unreached, John Piper

Nov.-Dec. 97  The Jesus Film Project Targets the Planet
July-Oct 97  The Southern Baptist Transformation 
May-June 97   GCOWE 97
March-April 97  The Dramatic Arts in Missions
Jan-Feb 97  Dependency: When Does Our Giving Do More Harm Than Good

Nov.-Dec. 96   Will the Meek Really Inherit the Earth?
Sept-Oct 96    The Future of the Frontier Mission Movement
May-Aug 96    Worship and Missions
March-April 96    Gospel Recordings: Tackling an Immense Task
Jan-Feb 96  The US Center: Charting a New Course

Nov. Dec. 95    Presenting Joshua Project 2000
Sept.-Oct 95   One Local Church Takes on the World
July-Aug 95   GCOWE ‘95: A Major Step Forward
May-June 95     A Church Planting Movement Within Every People
March-April 95  The Unfinished Task: It Can Be Done by AD2000!
Jan-Feb 95   The Frozen Church: Setting it Free to Complete the Task

Nov.-Dec 94   India: Is It the Greatest Challenge to Finishing the Task?
Sept.-Oct 94   Money and Missions: When Does It Corrupt Our Witness?
July-Aug. 94   Bring Back the King
May-June 94   Native Americans: The Forgotten Unreached Peoples in Our Midst
March-April 94  Wycliffe Bible Translators: How Are They Doing?
Jan-Feb 94   Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

July-Aug. 93    Will We Fail Again?
May-June 93  The Making of Operation World
March-April 93   The AD2000 and Beyond Movement
Jan.-Feb 93  Adopt-A-People: Is It Working?

Sept.-Dec 92 Building the Missing Bridge
July-Aug 92  The Evangelical Free Church Launches Adopt-A-People
May-June 92   Are We Losing the Battle or Just Being Poisoned by Pessimism
March-April 92  Special Report: Are There Unreached Peoples in Russia
Jan-Feb. 92  The Third World Takes the Lead

Nov.-Dec. 91  The IFMA and EFMA
Sept.-Oct 91   Adopt-A-People: Building Momentum
Jun-Aug 91   Meet the USCWM
April-May 91  Pioneers:
Jan-Mar 91   The State of the World 1991

December 90  URBANA: Which Way to the Front
November 90  The BGC Challenge
July-Oct 90   The Passing of a Giant: Dr Donald McGavran
March-April 90  Mission Mobilization: It is Happening Worldwide
Jan-Feb 90  Burning the USCWM Mortgage

Nov-Dec 89   A Christmas Offering: Give Jesus a People Group
October 89   Getting a Running Start on the ‘90s
Aug-Sept 89  Lausanne II: Where Do We Go From Here?
June-July 89  Seaman’s Mission: Gateway to the Unreached Peoples
April-May 89   Introducing Paraclete Magazine
March 89   God at Work in the Soviet Caucasus
Jan.-Feb. 89   GCOWE 2000--Meeting of the Century?

Nov.-Dec. 88 Centers for World Mission Organizing, Proliferating
October 88   The EFMA Executives Retreat
September 88  Partnering for Kingdom Profits
August 88   New Young Leaders
July 88   Christians and the New World Order
June 88  One Man Against the Tide
May 88   Vision, Awareness and Coming Events
April 88   Leadership 88: Will Confusion Give Way to Cooperation
March 88  Short-Term and Missions Training
February 88  The Challenge of Mobilization
January 88  COMIBAM: Mission Meeting of the Century

December 87  The Last $1000 Campaign
November 87   ACMC: Grass-roots Mobilization  
October 87  Six Recent Meetings Converge on the Year 2000
September 87   Can We Really Know When the Job Is Finished?
August 87   The DAWN Project  
July 87   What is Mission
June 87   What Is “The New Thing”?   
May 87   Momentum Is Building Part III 
April 87   Momentum Is Building Part II
March 87   Momentum Is Building Part I
February 87   What About the Deaf?  
January 87  Adopt-A-People

November - December 86 The First 10 Years
September - October 86 AMA '86: Beyond the Native Missionary
August 86 High-tech Research for Missions
July 86 Amsterdam '86
June 86 Missions in Music and the Arts
May 86 A Bold New Step
April 86 What about the Kids?
March 86 Luis Bush, Latin America, and the End of History
February 86 Continuing the Tradition
January 86 Donald McGavran: Missiological Dynamite

October - December 85 YWAM: "Just Beginning" at 25
August - September 85 Are you Unwilling to be a Missionary?
July 85 The Expanding Vision
April - June 85 Younger Leaders are Taking Over
January - March 85 Student Missions

October - December 84 The USCWM: It's Present, and It's Future
September 84 One of America's Largest General Missions
August 84 Spiritual Dynamics and Foreign Missions
June - July 84 Six Missionaries Become College Presidents
April - May 84 Cause for Rejoicing
March 84 Revolution in Missions at Trinity
January - February 84 New Mission Executive

December 83 Heroes on the Home Front (Part II)
October - November 83 Heroes on the Home Front (Part I)
August - September 83 Look at What God's Doing
June - July 83 Is This the Beginning of the End of the End of the Beginning?
May 83 Meet the Generals
March - April 83 National Day of Prayer and Mission Vision - Dave Bryant
February 83 Third World Missions Expert - Dr. Lawrence Keyes
January 83 Third World Missions - Obed Alvarez

December 82 Transforming Mission Fields into Mission Bases
October-November 82 Special Report: Mission Agencies and the Final Frontiers
August-September 82 Donald McGavran: Epoch-making Rediscovery of the Biblical Nation
July 82 We Want to Rejoice!
June 82 Cameron Townsend - Founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators
May 82 Virgil A. Olson, President of the William Carey International University
March-April 82 Students and the Great Commission
January-February 82 What Does God Consider to be the Greatest Stories of this Generation?

November-December 81 A Look Inside
September-October 81 Standing With You for the Hidden Peoples
August 81 Reflections from a Heart Aflame
July 81 Letter from Attorney
May-June 81 Some Unfinished Business
April 81 Who Really Killed Chet Bitterman?
March 81 Take a New Step Forward
February 81 3 Men, 3 Eras
January 81 Reaching God's Hidden Peoples

December 80 Edinburgh 1980 Reports
November 80 Adopt-A-People
October 80 The Hindu Mosaic: 3,000 Hindus
September 80 Return to Irian Jaya
August 80 The Thailand Consultation
July 80 $3 Million Available
June 80 More Than 700 Friends Celebrate 3rd Anniversary
May 80 Summer Courses "Warm Up"
April 80 Third Year Celebration Set
March 80 Campus Crisis: Success or Failure?
February 80 Campus Enters Critical Period
January 80 Urbana: Symptoms of a New Thrust

December 79 World Consultation Date Set
July-August 79 At Your Fingertips
April-May 79 The Great Roadblock
March-April 79 Who is a Missionary?
Feb.-March 79 What Steps are Being Taken to Reach Them?
Jan.-Feb. 79 First Issue!